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Great photos tell the story of your event and provide your family with a sense of history. We are passionate about capturing the moment where light, location, and human expression come together in the perfect photograph. Our photographic touchstones are creating a sense of time and place – the essence of the event – through use of dramatic lighting to capture the full spectrum of human emotion. Expressions grand or subtle, of joy, fun and fellowship between people.


Photography isn’t just about chronicling an event or having photos for the sake of having them, it’s about helping you capture the “wow” – the moments that are exciting, over the top, sentimental – captured in photographs, a document to preserve your family’s legacy. We want to help you capture the unexpected, the maximum moments of expression and experiences between people so you can enjoy the memories again each time you look at the photos.


Revelry Photo House is the culmination of Zach’s imagination, drive, and dedication to quality photography. His focus is on people – connecting with clients and telling their story through photography. Our studio is located at the Goat Farm Arts Center, a historic Atlanta site dating back to the 1800’s that is home to numerous artists and entrepreneurs (and yes, even goats!).


Owner/Lead Photographer

At 17 years old I bought my first Pentax hand-wound film camera. I have since been consumed by finding the perfect combination of expression and light in my photography. After volunteering at community service events in high school and capturing genuine human emotion through individuals, my love for visual expression led me to study photography at SCAD, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. I learned everything I could about photography during the pre-digital age of film and graduated with an even deeper passion and photographic knowledge of composition and creative expression. My professional journey has taken me to Portland Maine; New York City and back to my hometown of Atlanta. I not only learned from the best photographers, but worked to become a part of people’s lives to truly capture the best life moments for individuals, families, and companies.

There are many talented photographers with unique perspectives and artistic expression in their photos. When you work with me, it’s important that we work as partners. Natural light, the setting, and our partnership are what bring photos to life. I also believe that your professional photography experience should feel comfortable, relaxed and second nature. Part of how I will capture your “wow” moments is by getting to know you, scouting your location in advance of the shoot, and most importantly: being respectful, approachable, and responsive to your needs on the day of your event.

*Zach lives in East Atlanta Village with his wife (Devon), son (Dane) and their family dog (Sadie). In his down time you’ll find him following Radiohead when they’re on tour, watching his growing collection of Criterion movies, cooking with his wife or building couch forts with his son.